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Southern Belle Goat's Milk Soap

Southern Belle Goat's Milk Soap

Southern Natural LLC

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The scent you've all been waiting for - Southern Belle Goat Milk Soap.       

  • A wonderful blend of essential oils bursting with floral and citrus scent
  • Natural plant oils moisturize and restore your skin
  • Goat’s milk with naturally occurring proteins and vitamins
  • 100% all-natural ingredients

Southern Belle Goat's Milk Soap

Southern Belle Goat's Milk Soap is one of our favorites!  It's the scent every lady in your life will love.  As with all of our soaps, the natural blend of goat's milk and sustainably sourced plant oils creates a rich, nourishing lather to soothe your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. 

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4 oz. Bar of Soap

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Goat’s Milk
  • Purified Water
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Lime Essential Oil
  • Naturally Made Plumeria Oil

Customer Reviews

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Michelle A.
A Family Favorite

Southern Belle Goat's milk soap is a family favorite. This soap works great with everyone in the house. The smell is very clean, pleasant and refreshing.

Christina Ingram
Great product

Love all your soaps! This one is great!

Connie Baird

Southern Belle Goat's Milk Soap

Q. Why do you use goat milk in soap?

A. Because of the nutrients contained in goat's milk it has been used throughout the ages in many bath and beauty products. Goat's milk is full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids which are great for the skin. It also contains a lot of fat which creates a very moisturizing bar of soap.

Q. Why use natural goat milk soap instead of common commercial store bought soap?

A. Commercial soaps are nothing more than harsh detergents, chemicals and petroleum products that strip away your skins natural oils, often leaving you with dry, itchy, irritated skin. That's how it left mine for 12 years. In the soap making process glycerin is naturally produced. Glycerin is very beneficial in keeping your skin moisturized and healthy. In the commercial soap making process the glycerin is extracted from the soap and then sold and used in other beauty products. This is another reason commercial soaps leave your skin so dry. Our goat milk soap with it's naturally occurring glycerin will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

Q. Is there lye in your soap and how do you make it?

A. We do use lye in the soap making process. You can't make soap without it. When our soaps are done curing there is no lye left in them. We superfat our soaps which means that we use more fat than what is required for the lye to react with. This creates a very moisturizing bar of soap.

We use the cold process method to make our soap and then let it cure for 6-8 weeks before selling it. This creates a mild, harder bar of soap that will last longer.

Q. What do you scent your soaps with?

A. We use pure essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oils. Our pure essential oil soaps don't have any fragrance oils in them. We also make three unscented soaps. They include our Castile Soap, which is the one we recommend for those with severe skin issues, an unscented oatmeal & honey soap and then a plain unscented bar.

Q. Why don't you color your soaps?

A. We believe in keeping our ingredients simple and natural. The more ingredients used the more likely someone will have a sensitivity to it. Sometimes less is better.

Q. Do you wholesale your soap?

A. Yes, we offer wholesale on our products! Call or e-mail us to work out the details. 205.353.3656 or info@southernnatural.com

Q. Does your soap help skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, sensitive skin, acne, contact dermatitis, etc?

A. We can't make any claims about our soap curing any skin conditions.

Many of our customers have had relief from these skin issues while using our soap. Others have stated that their skin feels more moisturized. Our soaps are very mild; truly a soap for sensitive skin or any other skin type. For those with very sensitive skin our unscented Castile Soap is recommended.

Q. Can I use your soap if I have a milk allergy?

A. We would advise you to try our soap on a small area of skin first, to make sure you won't have an allergic reaction before you use it on your whole body.