We believe in keeping our ingredients simple and natural. Our gentle goat’s milk soap is full of skin-loving vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Because of this gentle, all-natural composition, many of our customers have found that our goat’s milk soap is the perfect soap for sensitive skin. In fact, our pure goat’s milk soap has helped people with a variety of skin conditions — eczema, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin, and rosacea — find lasting relief. Have a look at some of our customers’ success stories below!


"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you from the bottom of my momma heart for your product. My son had terrible eczema. I tried everything under the sun to calm it or cure it or whatever. Nothing helped. I came across your soaps and ordered them out of desperation. He hasn’t had a break out since. Please never stop what you do!"

Brooke H





"I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that my friend told me about you! My daughter suffers greatly from eczema and for the first time in her 3 years of life, we have finally found something to help manage her symptoms day to day. We have great success using your unscented goats milk soaps, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

Amazon Customer





"We absolutely love this miracle soap.. Don't ever change how you make this. We have been using your Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal Soap for I believe a year or more now. The other day on TV was a commercial on removing callus and dead skin from your feet; while watching the commercial I reached down to rub my foot, thinking that my feet have always been rough perhaps I should get it. My feet weren't rough they were soft. The only thing I have been doing is using your soap. My husband had acne when he was younger so his skin looks sometimes red and irritated. I had convinced him to try this soap back a year ago. He had been using it for a month or so when his sister complimented him on his skin. She wanted to know what he had done because the scars had lessened and his face didn't have the redness. The only thing he could attribute it to was using your soap. Needless to say he is the first one to remind me to reorder when we start getting low on your soap. Thank you so much for making this. I am always telling people they need to try this it's a miracle. After using your soap it made me believe some of the people's health problems stem from all the chemicals they put on their skin from the commercial soaps they use. I have asthma; there was a time before using your soap that I was using an inhaler a couple times a week; since using your product I have only had one incident where I needed to use my inhaler. It could be a coincidence but as I said I believe your soap is a miracle.

Thank you from both of us."

Amazon Customer

"I developed eczema about 3 years ago....yes I developed eczema in adulthood. It was mainly on my arms and chest but it seemed like I found new spots everyday and before I knew it, I had eczema everywhere. These patches were so dry and if I made the mistake of scratching once, I would spend the rest of the day scratching an itch that just wouldn't go away. I hated using triamcinolone cream because it is so strong but I was using it multiple times a week, all over my body, just hoping for relief. I stumbled upon your soap at the buck creek festival a year ago and the difference has been amazing. Many of my eczema patches have disappeared all together. The ones that occasionally still pop up are on my arms. Recently my husband and I went camping and I didn't take your soap with me. I just packed a travel size baby aveeno thinking it had to be gentle and it would just be easier to transport. When I got back home after not using your soap for only 3 days, the eczema on my arms was super irritated. The "before" (top) picture is the day we got back and the "after" (bottom) picture is 3 days later after being home and using your soap again! It's made a huge difference and I just wanted to thank you! "

Ashley Ellision

"I had a severe bacterial/fungal infection around my fingernails and nail beds. I started going to the dermatologist in January 2014 and received 20-30 injections around my fingernails and under my nails every three weeks. This was EXTREMELY painful. The process went on until April with NO results. In fact, the situation had gotten worse. I had been around Southern Natural products since they started production. I had always heard the amazing qualities and affects it has on troubled skin. So I decided to try it. I washed my hands with it several times a day. After one month, the soreness and pain in my fingers had completely disappeared. After 2 months, I started to see the swelling and splitting healing up. By August, my fingers were completely healed with no pain at all. Now, the only soap I will use is Southern Natural. I am so grateful for what it's done for me."

S. Lowe

"I have been fighting an itchy rash for almost a year now. The Dermatologist, Allergist, and Internist are all stumped and have only offered prescriptions for the symptoms. My Naturopath has watched my blood work and checked for food intolerances. Castille Goat Milk soap is gentle enough to not irritate my skin further. So many other soaps and lotions have too many ingredients or strong Essential Oils that my skin cannot handle right now. I'm working to avoid the toxins I can and eat fresh, local, and organic. My body is healing but occasionally I find a new patch. I don't want to use anything but Southern Natural Soap because I know it helps!"

J. Strouss

"This goat's milk soap has helped the eczema on my hands and feet tremendously. I have had it for close to 2 1/2 years. I love Southern Natural soap better than anybody's because it doesn't dry my skin out. Other brands have made my skin dry. I really really love this soap! My skin is very soft and my hands do not break out when using it."

B. Acres

"Our customers love our soap! Many of them have reported that their skin rashes have cleared up after using our natural goat milk soap. My husband used to say that my hands in my 30's looked like a 90 year old woman's hands. Now they look like other women's hands my age."

Jeri Anne Huffstutler CEO,

Southern Natural Soap

"I absolutely love this soap! My hands have been very dry for years, and since I have been using this soap, they have become very soft. Also, my son has allergies and gets rashes, and the soap is gentle enough to help his rash, when most other soaps can make it worse. The scented soaps are very nice, and not overpowering. I've bought a little bit of a supply so I won't run out any time soon, and am planning to buy a larger supply for storage. It's great soap!"

D. Conner Pinson,


"I have a skin condition called Rosacea which is a long term skin disease that causes redness and swelling and you can not use regular soap on. I've always had to use a prescription soap to wash my face and then it would dry my skin out and my skin still itched really bad.

I was so excited to try Jeri Anne's new soap to see what it would do for my skin. It was amazing, it never irritated my skin and now it feels soft and silky and no problems at all. I don't have to buy the expensive prescription soaps anymore. I no longer have to use two (2) different types of body soap, I only use this amazing soap.

I am very pleased with this product and recommend it to all my friends and family. I recommend that when you try it you will be hooked on it and will not use anything else."

E. Hill Remlap,


"I have had dry skin for some time and have been using medicated prescription creams to help with the itching for years as well as Benadryl to help me not scratch while I was trying to sleep.

When I was asked to try this new soap by my wife I was reluctant to do so. It was remarkable after the first time I tried it. My skin didn't itch at all and now I have noticed that my skin is not dried out anymore.

I no longer have to use the mediated creams because this soap works. It really works and you will notice a softer cleaner feeling when you bath and your skin just seems so much cleaner than when you use other products.

I recommend you try it and see if you aren't recommending to all your family and friends."

T. Hill Remlap,


"Southern Natural soap has to be the best up and coming soap company around. The company just started, but the soap is superb. Their great soaps will get them known very quickly. The soaps are handmade and leave no residue. The lemon soap is phenomenal - gets odor off quickly, leaves me feeling refreshed. Acorn and oak is another one of my favorite scents. I feel clean and healthy after using all of Southern Natural's soaps. Thank you for such great soap!"



"Having researched soap-making a good deal, it is so nice to be able to simply purchase soap that is truly homemade and safe for our family's sensitive skin. I rely on Jeri Anne's cottage industry of soap-making and buy in bulk so we're never out of soap. We supply our food storage with goat's milk soap, rather than cheap brands, so we can be sure that our skin will not react adversely in an emergency situation. The scent is not too strong and smells like an herb garden."


Allen Alabama

"The first time I used Southern Natural Soap, I was immediately hooked. I have sensitive skin, and was tired of soaps that left me itching for hours. I felt clean and smelled fantastic! The Acorn and Oak is my personal favorite, and you'll be hard pressed to find a friendlier company."


"I love the way your soap lathers up and that it's so easy to rinse off. I also like how it leaves me feeling squeaky clean! Your fragrance is subtle but yet strong enough that I can get a whiff of it."

Ralph N. Hoover,


"I'm a fan of your soaps! It's great to know I can trust them to be healthy for my skin. They smell great and feel so gentle! Thanks for using natural ingredients and essential oils in your soaps and lip balms. I really love your bath and body gift bag, too! I can't wait to soak in your bath salts."

Karen H. Sandy, UT

"Hi Jeri Anne,

My girlfriend and I purchased a couple of your soaps on Saturday at the Riverchase Art Show....I wasn't sure that it would be all that different from my "Dove experience", but boy was I surprised. I have only used it 5 or 6 times, but in that short period of time I am very impressed. I just leave it in my shower and my skin feels wonderful. I still have not ventured out to use it on my face, for fear of a breakout, but you have made a great product. I am certainly sold. Could you put me on your email list for upcoming art shows, so that I can stop by and pick up several more bars to have on hand?

God Bless and Thank you!"

Terri M. Pelham,


"I have A Topic Dermatitis. I have had numerous skin tests. Even a bone test through 7 layers of my skin at my wrist. I have tried all kinds of medicine and nothing worked. I tried my first bar of Southern Natural Soap (unscented) in the fall of 2012. My skin loved it! I bought the Oatmeal Milk & Honey scent and it is wonderful also!!! I have had no problems as long as I use the Southern Natural Soap. Once you try their products you will never use anything else. Thank you God, for giving Southern Natural soap the wisdom to make these special products, for those of us who really need them."

Brenda M. Eva,


"I've been using Southern Natural Soap for 6 months now. I no longer feel like I must get right out of the shower and apply loads of lotion. My skin is much softer! My heels used to crack and after using your soap I've realized my heels are smooth! Most soaps made me have a red rash and left my skin feeling parched, but now my skin feels hydrated and fresh! I love Southern Natural Soap! Keep up the good work!!"

Pam C. Cullman,



"Your soap is the best! My skin is so improved! Before using Southern Natural Soap my hands and fingers were dry, cracked and bleeding. After using your soap for two weeks my hands and fingers were healed! I will continue to use this wonderful soap! Thank you!"

L Ray

"Love all your products !! Hoping to see you at The Fiddlers Convention in Athens Al. again this year :)"



"I bought the gift bag on Thursday, and just did a foot soak. aaah, how wonderful. You make terrific products."

J Adkins


"I went to the art show; bought no art. However, I came home with something WONDERFUL - Southern Natural Soap. My cracked and sore fingers loved this soap and so did the patches of psoriasis on my knees. I have used this soap since February 2014 and will never use any other soap. It has been great for all my problems and wonderful for my naturally dry skin. I'm so glad I have my new "art". As the saying goes - A thing of beauty is a joy forever - and Southern Natural Soap is my joy forever".

S Holsonback

"This is the only soap my husband and I use anymore. I have problems with very dry skin, and my husband suffers from eczema. Ever since switching to Southern Natural Soap, my dry skin is no longer a problem, and my husband's eczema has improved dramatically. He almost never gets a breakout now except occasionally in the winter, but it is much less severe when he does breakout. I recommend this soap to anyone who has any kind of skin condition. Whenever our supply is running low, I get on Southern Natural Soap's website and order some more. The shipping is super quick.

I also have a lot of allergies and asthma, so I always order the soaps scented with essential oils or unscented for myself and have never had a problem with them at all."

S Anthony

"Awesome products! My family was introduced to your company at the Chocolate Festival this year, and decided to give your soaps a try (since we have very sensitive skin, including eczema). We are very pleased with how well the soaps helped our skin issues. I will definitely order more of your products in the near future. :)"

C Lovekamp

"I am a friend of B Tillotsen who just returned from a visit with you in Alabama. He brought me a bar of soap that I have been using for a week now — I LOVE it! It truly is the best feeling product I have ever used in the shower. I love that it’s made with goat’s milk. I just wanted to give you this feedback and tell you how much I’m enjoying this soap. Thank you so much!"

Fran B


"I love my Southern Natural Soap. I travel from Pensacola, Florida, to various places in Alabama to stock up on soap. Yes, I could order on-line but would miss out on one of the best parts of buying the soap, talking with Jeri Anne and encouraging others who are not sure if they should purchase her products that they will love them. The soap is a hardworking cleaner but gentle to my skin. I also use the net "scrubbie" which is great for exfoliation and actually extends the life of the soap. I am a bit of a "lavender snob" and the lavender soap has just the right amount of lavender to pleasure my senses but not overpower them. I make sure I have plenty of soap on hand so I can store bars in my linen closet to scent my sheets and towels and in my lingerie drawer for the same reason."

C.G. Pensacola,


"Hi I work at Children's South and that is where I first saw this wonderful soap. We are so glad you have your sales out here for the employees. My little girl loves the pixie dust soap and has even had me buy it for her friends because they like the smell of hers so much. I love mostly every scent and I really want to try the acorn and oak. This soap is wonderful to use for soft skin and it lasts a long time."


"We love Southern Natural Soap! It keeps the dry, itchy skin away, and the scents are heavenly! I love the packaging and scents so much that I keep the bars in a jar for display."

Alisha S

"My family and I love your soap. I started using it last year when my 2 year old son's eczema was not getting better no matter what I used; even the prescription stuff the doctor prescribed. We came to your table at Pepper Place and were impressed so we bought 2 of your gift sets. I have not used any other soap on my son since then and he has not had any more breakouts. There is not even a need for all those other chemicals that the doctors prescribe. Thank you so much. We will not be using any other brand."

Jennifer C

"I've never tired goats milk soap before. After sitting next to the owner in a booth at a show, I decided to see what all of her customers where raving about. Well, I am sold! Creamy and soft, smells good and not greasy or oily. My skin is radiant and it's all because of her goat soap!"

Theresa R

"My daughter-in-law likes using your soap on my grandson. I gave her some to try since he has occasional dry skin. It has worked well and is so gentle on his skin that it did not dry his skin out at all.

We love your soap and I like knowing that it is made from "local" goats!"

Susan P

"I wanted you to know how much I LOVE YOUR SOAP!! We purchased several bars at a recent homeschooling convention and I immediately starting using it. Not only is it good on my skin, but the scent actually stays around a while as opposed to other soaps that you can only smell in the shower. I don't have terribly sensitive skin, but some soaps have caused issues in the past. I'm almost out of what I bought and will need to get more!"

Tim S

"I saw your booth at the Madison Street Festival last year and I stopped because you had a sign about sensitive skin. I am always looking for a good soap that won’t irritate my skin. I have used baby soaps and soaps for sensitive skin and nothing worked. My eczema was getting worse and my skin itched all the time. I decided to try southern natural soap because I hadn’t tried goat milk soap. I tried it and I was impressed that I didn’t break out with whelps and my eczema didn’t get worse. I tried it for a couple of weeks before I noticed that my eczema went away (I only have a small patch) and my skin felt cleaner, less dry and I no longer itched. I can’t say enough wonderful things about these soaps."

Laura B Harvest,


"I LOVE your soap because it works well with my psoriasis. I have had a hard time finding a soap I can use that doesn't irritate. It actually helped to soften the skin."

Sherrie P

"I bought the Castile soap last year for my baby girl. Her eczema on her legs was getting worse and I was willing to try anything to see if it would help. Within a few weeks of using it on her it was almost all gone and completely healed within a month. I wouldn't use anything else."

Sarah H

"I purchased a very nice gift pack of soap from Jeri Anne last year and I love it! Better yet, my son, who has sensitive skin, did too. His skin is prone to breakouts and has a tendency to get irritated from most any kind of soap/product. However, this soap has been an exception. I have tried many different kinds of goat's milk soap and Southern Natural has the best variety of scents and the texture and feel of the lather (and your skin after use) is fantastic!!! My favorite is the Lemon Verbena and my son loves the Acorn & Oak. Having a variety of scents that appeal to men is a rare thing and much appreciated!"

Teri K

"I bought some of the soap at the canton flea market in MS in May, 2014. I love love love the pachouli scent and loved this soap. It relaxed me in the shower! It's the best I've tried from any of other vendors. I only wish I had tried other scents too as it isn't sold locally."


"I love how your soap makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It does not dry my skin out like regular soap."

Victoria C

"I love your goat milk soap. It is a gentle, moisturizing soap that doesn't dry out skin. It leaves no residue behind. The natural fragrances are very relaxing with no harsh chemical smells. The best soap I have used in a very long time. I also love you super moisturizing lip balm."

Mary Helen C

"The soap has helped soften my feet , reduced dry skin flakes and moisturized my skin. The smell is great."


"I love your goats milk soap! It is so moisturizing and smells wonderful. I even shave my legs with it. The bars last a lot longer than regular soap."


"I have your soap on my kitchen sink! I have extremely dry skin and wash my hands frequently when cooking. Southern Naturals doesn't dry my hands out and it cleans better than commercial soap! I also use it on my dogs.... commercial flea soap dries their skin and makes them itch worse. Their hair is soft and silky too! It has a nice sent as well- not that nasty chemical smell. I like to support small business wherever I can. It is the back bone of America! Love this soap it makes my skin so soft. I have even noticed this summer the bugs don't seem to be biting as bad. My skin is not dry I don't itch. Can't say enough about it just LOVE it"

Lisa S

"I have been in love with this wonderful soap but now my granddaughter loves it also. She is two years old and has some mild eczema. The combination of the soothing goat's milk soap and the relaxing smell of the wonderful lavender calm her and her skin down for a great night's sleep. I love this product."


"I found you at Pepper Place last summer and have been buying your wonderful soaps ever since, telling all of my friends and have a few of them hooked as well. My skin is softer with no more dry spots and the light fragrances are wonderful. I'm even getting my hubby hooked.I'm so grateful you bought your sweet goats and changed your whole life style to make such a great product. Thank you!"

Rebecca B

"I'm so glad that I found you & your soap at the Green Street Market in Huntsville. I couldn't wait until the next morning to take a shower after I bought them. There is a bar of soap in each drawer of my dresser. All of my clothes smell good & I do too."

Judy G

"Your soaps have a gentle, cleansing power to them. My hands always get dry and even crack. It's worst in the winter, but even during summer it can happen. The goat's milk soap replaces moisture and retains moisture so that my hands don't get so bad and can retain health. I appreciate having a place I can order soap that actually heals and protects my skin. Otherwise, it would be too painful for me to pick things up or write or do much of anything. Thank you for making this product and providing a solution to my skin care needs!"

Barry B Kennesaw, GA

"I love using Southern Natural Soap! My fingers used to crack and bleed. Since using this soap regularly, I no longer have this problem. I will continue using this wonderful product and I always tell others about this great soap!"

Laura R

"I love using Southern Natural Soap! My fingers used to crack and bleed. Since using this soap regularly, I no longer have this problem. I will continue using this wonderful product and I always tell others about this great soap!"

Michelle R

"I LOVE southern natural soaps! I have tried many "handmade" soaps, but yours is by far the best I've tried. The goats milk soaps moisturize my skin and don't leave me feeling dry after my shower! I am so excited to see you are coming to the Monte Sano Art show! I am from Decatur and can't wait until I can make a purchase! I am also excited to see I can order online now."

Rebekah H

"I first purchased this soap at work at UAB during a sale. This soap has help keep my skin moist and not so dry in the winter time. I love it"

Ashley M

"I spent years and A LOT of money dealing with itchy, dry, eczema-like skin. I tried all the traditional soaps but got NO. RELIEF. AT. ALL. My "aha!" moment came when I tried Southern Natural Soaps! Southern Natural Soaps are made of goat's milk which is a gentle, *natural* cleanser. The soaps also have essential oils for *natural* health and fragrance. Did you see the word natural twice? You will not find the word "natural" on a bottle of shower gel from the drug store!

I have been using different products from Southern Natural Soaps for almost one year. My skin is now smooth, moisturized, healthy, and clean! My favorite scents are Pixie Dust, Lavender, Rosemary Mint...I could go on and on! I am so thankful for Southern Natural Soaps!"

Kim S

I started using your awesome soap in March. I purchased it at the Spring Craft Show at the Gardendale Civic Center. (I had already heard from your sweet son (Hayden) how great your soap is) I had a dry skin rash on both of my arms, I assumed from Winter. I had tried everything to make the rash go away - creams, soaps, medicated creams, etc, without success. By using your soap my rash completely cleared up in two uses (48 hours). Also, I instead of having teenage acne, I have had a bit of "early 40's acne". Your soap completely cleared my acne up, too! I am SOLD! I have told everyone I know about Southern Natural Soap and how wonderful it is. Thank you so much for your awesome product!

Melissa C

"Southern natural soap is the most amazing soap!!! I love the different scents you can get. Rosemary mint is one of my favorites. I have a bar in each of my bathrooms and in my kitchen. It suds up really well and feels really good on my skin. I absolutely love it!!!"

Teresa M

"My whole family loves using your soap. It's wonderful for dry skin and I like knowing what ingredients we are using on our skin. All the scents were excellent. It was difficult to pick a favorite to purchase. I would love to try them all!"

H Kilgore

"I discovered Southern Natural Soap in Atlanta at the gift show in May. I bought some because I loved some of the fragrances so much and I was told that it helped with skin issues as well. Since my daughter is plagued with rashes on her legs I thought I'd give it a try. Well, ever since using it, her legs have improved drastically and her itching has stopped. I ran out for the first time and as soon as she went back to using regular body wash, her legs were bothering her again. I immediately ordered some more and have been told never to run out of it! I will continue to purchase this soap not only for its beautiful fragrance but because it has helped my daughter so much. Thank you for making such a great soap:)"

Kristin P

"I have only been using Southern Natural soap within the last few months. I love the clean fragrance, and it actually removes all of my makeup leaving my face feeling wonderfully clean. My husband has very oily and sensitive skin. Even though he is in his early 50's the slightest thing can cause a breakout on his face, neck or back. I have to be careful which detergent or fabric softener I use. I had read that tea tree oil is good for skin conditions like his.I was already using your soap for my dry skin so in my next order I included a couple of bars of the tea tree oil. He loves it. Very few breakouts and doesn't dry out his skin. I have been pleasantly surprised to find out how long a bar of your soap lasts - -more than a month of baths! I love the naturalness of the soap and the pleasant smell. Thanks for a great product!"

Kendra C

"My husband has very dry skin and psoriasis. There was one homemade goats milk soap that I found many, many years ago in Pennsylvania when we lived there that improved my husband's skin and was good for his psoriasis. The company went out of business shortly after we found them, and we've been on the hunt ever since. Southern Natural Soap is the first soap that my husband helped my husband's psoriasis and he is very pleased. We use the soap for the entire family, but my husband has said that this soap is a keeper and that we need to stay stocked up, so that he always has it available. He travels a great deal for work and even has a bar in his travel toiletry kit. We are grateful that we found Southern Natural Soap, and plan on being a long term customer."

Dawn F Decatur,


"I really like the fact that Southern Natural Soap lives up to its name: "natural". I have been a fan of "Dream" scent from the beginning. Though all of the SN soap scents are wonderful. I wish I could buy them all! I love how the soap doesn't leave you with a residue feeling. My skin doesn't feel dry and thirsty, but well nourished. SN soap is gentle enough for my face. I love its very rich lather. I love how the bars last much longer than regular soaps. It's nice to know I'm purchasing a cleansing product made by someone local and who's taken much thought and care in creating her product. Keep the wonderful soaps coming!!!"

Donna A

"I have very sensitive skin and would always experience dryness and itching after showers. Once I switched to the goat's milk soap, that immediately went away and I was hooked! I have shared the soap samples with my family members, friends and coworkers and they like it too. So glad I found this product."

Clarissa M

"I have great enthusiasm for Southern Natural Soaps and am so very glad I found them! I started using them one year ago when I bought a starter-set at our local festival. I have been ordering them on the internet ever since and using them for gifts. Of course, everyone really appreciates such a sweet gift. My favorite products are the soaps –They make my skin soft and radiant and I love the way they smell – so refreshing! I’ve tried several of the scents and settled on about four of my favorites. I also love the lip balm. I don’t understand the chemistry of using goat milk, but I’m a believer! I also appreciate the wonderful website because it makes ordering so easy. Thank you for being so good to my skin!"

Geralynn W


"I have used Southern Natural soap for 2 yrs now. Carry it in my Salon. I have Eczema on my right hand. Being a hairdresser, it completely stayed irritated & itching! Started using the soap all over my body. The results are amazing! I work outside a lot so my skin is very tanned. I don't have that dry flaky skin I used to have. I don't have to pour lotion on like I used to. My skin is soft. No film like other soaps leave. I fully believe if my hands weren't in chemicals & water constantly in the Salon, the egzema would be gone. But the difference it's amazing! Got several of my clients now using it."

Judy P

"It's hard to determine which of our family members is the biggest fan of Southern Natural's goat milk soap! We each have seen wonderful changes thanks to the natural and gentle properties of the soap. My husband and daughter suffered greatly from eczema and other skin rashes due to their highly sensitive skin and allergies. When they started using the goat's milk soap, the change was immediate. No more breakouts and no more itching! The soap is full of moisture and gives a refreshing clean without any harsh chemicals. I dealt acne breakouts constantly and now that's a thing of the past too. I use Southern Natural's soap as part of my nighttime facial cleansing in addition to the shower. My skin has been clear since I started using the soap and doesn't dry out my face. Also, one of the biggest pluses for me is the fact that Southern Natural soaps smell amazing! I smell the bar even when it's dry. My bathroom always smells so good! We love all the scents we've tried but our top picks have to be Spa Fusion, Coconut, His & Hers, and Pink Sugar. I highly recommend getting the shower sock scrubber. It makes the soap lather up even better and exfoliates your skin."

Carol W

"I first purchased Southern Natural Soap at the Helena Buck Creek Festival in 2013. I bought five bars. I could immediately tell the difference between this soap and ANY other soap or facial cleanser I had ever used. At the time, I was using Lancôme facial cleanser. I changed to Southern Natural Soap and have never looked back! I have found that Southern Natural Soap goat milk soap works so well for me, that I now use it exclusively. I use it for my face (I am 58 and my skin looks great), I bathe with it. and I no longer buy shaving cream for shaving my legs; I use my soap.

I think I have pretty much used all of the different soaps, but I have my favorites! Pixie Dust is my hands down favorite. I do use the unscented for my face, and I also use all of the other soaps, but each of my orders contain at least one Pixie Dust.

My skin is soft. I have even forgotten to put moisturizer on. My skin is NEVER dry.

I have a friend that has taken up the hobby of soap making. I tried one of his bars. I used it. Then trashed it.

When you have used the best, there is simply no going back!

Many Thanks!"