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About Us

Southern Natural is located in Remlap, Alabama. We make our goat's milk soap the "good old fashioned" way by mixing fats, lye (also known as sodium hydroxide) and a liquid together. Once these ingredients are mixed together a chemical reaction takes place called saponification. During the saponification process, the fatty acids in the fat and the lye combine, which creates a whole new product called soap — in our case, all-natural goat’s milk soap.

There is no lye left in the final product, only a very mild bar of soap of the highest quality. If you need soap for sensitive skin, eczema, rashes, or allergies, you have come to the right place! We use high-quality, food-grade vegetable oils and butters (no animal fat), fresh goat's milk, pure essential oils, and fragrance oils. We have chosen to use goat's milk because it is filled with many vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are great for your skin. Since we prefer to keep things simple and natural, we use the cold process method to make our all-natural soap, and then we let it cure for six to eight weeks.

I've dealt with skin rashes off and on most of my life. Shortly after I had my first child, my hands developed a rash that I struggled with for approximately twelve years. This rash was very itchy and made me feel on edge most of the time. After many trips to the dermatologist and many topical steroids, I found only temporary relief. Additionally, I was cautioned against the repeated use of the steroids, as they can eventually make the problem worse.

I knew the store-bought soap I was using was irritating my hands, so I bought and tried a so-called "natural" soap, which bothered my hands as well. Having rashes on my hands became a handicap for me, as it was hard to bathe myself, my children or to clean my house. After ten years of this frustration, I decided to try the dermatologist once again. This time he recommended that I try an allergy pill and a medication called Atarax to help with the itching. I don't like taking medicine unless I absolutely have to, but I decided I would rather take it than itch for the rest of my life. I took only one dose of the Atarax but stayed on the allergy pill. It helped tremendously with the itching. What a relief!

After eighteen months on the allergy pill, my hands started to itch again. I called my mother in total frustration to see if she had any suggestions. She told me to search the internet for all-natural soaps. On this search, I learned about goat's milk soap and decided to try it. It was the answer to my problem! After I started to use it, my hands cleared up. Not only did the itch subside, but the cracks healed up and my hands were no longer dry. So, after discovering the amazing benefits of goat's milk soap for myself, I decided that I wanted to spread this joy and help others realize the benefits as well. Since then, Southern Natural has been devoted to producing the finest and most gentle all-natural soaps you've ever used - so that my success story won't be the only one (and it’s not! Check out some of our happy customers).

Jeri Anne Huffstutler

Owner, Southern Natural LLC