Before and After

We believe in keeping our ingredients simple and natural. Our gentle goat’s milk soap is full of skin-loving vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Because of this gentle, all-natural composition, many of our customers have found that our goat’s milk soap is the perfect soap for sensitive skin. In fact, our pure goat’s milk soap has helped people with a variety of skin conditions — eczema, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin, and rosacea — find lasting relief. Have a look at some of our customers’ success stories below!


"I developed eczema about 3 years ago....yes I developed eczema in adulthood. It was mainly on my arms and chest but it seemed like I found new spots everyday and before I knew it, I had eczema everywhere. These patches were so dry and if I made the mistake of scratching once, I would spend the rest of the day scratching an itch that just wouldn't go away. I hated using triamcinolone cream because it is so strong but I was using it multiple times a week, all over my body, just hoping for relief. I stumbled upon your soap at the buck creek festival a year ago and the difference has been amazing. Many of my eczema patches have disappeared all together. The ones that occasionally still pop up are on my arms. Recently my husband and I went camping and I didn't take your soap with me. I just packed a travel size baby aveeno thinking it had to be gentle and it would just be easier to transport. When I got back home after not using your soap for only 3 days, the eczema on my arms was super irritated. The "before" (left) picture is the day we got back and the "after" (right) picture is 3 days later after being home and using your soap again! It's made a huge difference and I just wanted to thank you!"

A. Ellision

"I had a severe bacterial/fungal infection around my fingernails and nail beds. I started going to the dermatologist in January 2014 and received 20-30 injections around my fingernails and under my nails every three weeks. This was EXTREMELY painful. The process went on until April with NO results. In fact, the situation had gotten worse. I had been around Southern Natural products since they started production. I had always heard the amazing qualities and affects it has on troubled skin. So I decided to try it. I washed my hands with it several times a day. After one month, the soreness and pain in my fingers had completely disappeared. After 2 months, I started to see the swelling and splitting healing up. By August, my fingers were completely healed with no pain at all. Now, the only soap I will use is Southern Natural. I am so grateful for what it's done for me."

S. Lowe

"I have been fighting an itchy rash for almost a year now. The Dermatologist, Allergist, and Internist are all stumped and have only offered prescriptions for the symptoms. My Naturopath has watched my blood work and checked for food intolerances. Castille Goat Milk soap is gentle enough to not irritate my skin further. So many other soaps and lotions have too many ingredients or strong Essential Oils that my skin cannot handle right now. I'm working to avoid the toxins I can and eat fresh, local, and organic. My body is healing but occasionally I find a new patch. I don't want to use anything but Southern Natural Soap because I know it helps!"

J. Strouss


"This goat's milk soap has helped the eczema on my hands and feet tremendously. I have had it for close to 2 1/2 years. I love Southern Natural soap better than anybody's because it doesn't dry my skin out. Other brands have made my skin dry. I really really love this soap! My skin is very soft and my hands do not break out when using it."

B. Acres

"I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that my friend told me about you! My daughter suffers greatly from eczema and for the first time in her 3 years of life, we have finally found something to help manage her symptoms day to day. We have great success using your unscented goats milk soaps, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"