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Goat Milk Soap - Natural Soap

Coming Soon!

— Our Brand New Building —   We've got some very exciting news! Southern Natural will have a brand new workshop very soon. We're finally able to ...
Nourishing Goat's Milk Soap

Nourishing Goat's Milk Soap

— Why Your Skin Loves Our Soap —   You probably already know you love the way Southern Natural's soap makes your skin feel. There are many r...
Goat Milk Soap - Handmade Soap

Happy Easter from Southern Natural

We hope you are doing well, and that you have a delightful Easter. Celebrating this holiday of hope and promise is such a joyous way to mark the c...
Which Goat Milk Soap to Choose

Which Goat Milk Soap to Choose

When shopping with Southern Natural how do you choose which soap is right for you? All of Southern Natural Soaps are made with the same b...
Treat Your Sweetheart to a Spa Day

Treat Your Sweetheart to a Spa Day

This year, get creative and treat your special someone to a day at the spa - at home! A Do-It-Yourself approach can be the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy some time together. We'll even help you get started with a few ideas of our own.
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Happy 2021 from Southern Natural!

— Looking Forward to the New Year— We hope you've had a wonderful holiday season!   Are you making any plans for 2021? Some people like...
Goat Milk Soap Healthy Skin

Your Wintertime Skin Health Checklist

  The colder months can be brutal on skin. It can seem hard to believe that your skin can get so painfully dry when there’s so much moisture comin...
Goat Milk Soap Benefits

The Science Behind Goat’s Milk And Skin

So, you’ve probably heard about all the benefits that goat’s milk soap can provide your skin, but have you ever wondered how goat’s milk interacts ...
Our soap saver sock will stretch your bar of soap further than you could imagine.

Stretch Your Soap Suds!

Does your soap melt too quickly? We can help! Make the most out of your bar of soap with these tips and tricks.
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What Makes A Good Natural Soap?

With all of the soaps available today, how can you tell the quality soaps from the cheaply produced, the soaps that will actually nourish your skin...
Goat's Milk for Skin Health

Goat's Milk for Skin Health

. Goat's milk is the very foundation of Southern Natural Soap. We love it because it helps to keep skin not only clean, but healthy and strong. H...
Traditional Cold-Process Goat's Milk Soap

Traditional Cold-Process Goat's Milk Soap

Our goat’s milk soap is nourishing and gentle for those with sensitive skin, rashes, eczema, or allergies. It’s even mild enough for a baby’s tender skin! It may take a while, but this tried and true process creates an exceptional bar of soap.