What Is Castile Soap? Why Is It Recommended For Sensitive Skin?

What Is Castile Soap? Why Is It Recommended For Sensitive Skin?

Castile soap is one of our favorite soaps! You may have wondered about the difference between this soap and our other soaps. Let's talk about what makes this olive oil based soap different and why we recommend our Castile Goat Milk Soap for even the most sensitive skin, including baby skin!

A Favorite Soap for Centuries 

The name "Castile" comes from the Castile region of Spain, where this soap has been made a very long time. Although tradition links this soap to Spain, it has also been made and used for centuries throughout the Mediterranean region. Unlike other soaps that used tallow or other animal fats, Castile soap was made with olive oil. The original recipe may be a variation on Aleppo soap, which is a green soap made from a combination of laurel oils and olive oil. Since laurel was not as widely available throughout all of Europe, soapmakers dropped it and kept the olive oil and created cream-colored Castile soap. 
Castile, Spain


How Olive Oil Nurtures Skin 

Olive oil is the key ingredient of Castile soap. There is an unfortunate marketing trend of labeling any plant-oil based soap as Castile soap, but this is misleading. Even though all of our soaps at Southern Natural are handmade with the cold process and have plant-based oils as the fat, we only sell one Castile soap. It's special, and we want you know that.

Olive oil has many beneficial properties that nurture the skin. We use a traditional soapmaking process that binds the healthy linoleic fatty acids in olive oil to preserve its nutrients. Olive oil is especially rich in antioxidants that can fight aging and damage in the skin. It also is extra moisturizing while being super gentle and allergy-friendly. It can help soften rough patches and provide extra hydration to protect. 

olive oil for castile soap

Goat's Milk + Olive Oil

At Southern Natural, our Castile soap is made with goat's milk. Goat's milk is very rich in natural vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B, calcium, and potassium to create an even richer, more hydrating bar of soap. Like olive oil, goat's milk is very gentle on the skin. It's an environmentally sustainable and natural soap that you can feel great about using. 


Castile Goat Milk Soap

Sensitive Skin Friendly Soap

Our Castile goat's milk soap is the soap we recommend for baby's skin. It's also ideal for anyone with skin sensitivity issues. Our recipe has no fragrances or additives - not even natural ones like essential oils. We wanted to ensure that this soap was hypoallergenic and gentle enough for everyone's skin. The moisturizing, gentle lather allows eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea to safely clean impurities from skin without stripping the natural oils.

See for yourself why our Castile goat milk soap is our premier soap for the most sensitive skin! 

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