The Benefits of Essential Oils

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are an important part of many of our goat milk soap recipes. Each essential oil has a unique fragrance and properties that make it useful for using in health and skin care.

These concentrated plant oils have all of the important chemicals that make up the scent of the plant. Many essential oils are well known for their healing properties. Here are five of our favorite essential oils and some of their important benefits.


One of the most popular essential oils for its soothing fragrance and many aromatherapy uses. Lavender is a great multi-purpose oil that leaves a light, floral fragrance that's not overly sweet.

  • Stress relieving to fight anxiety
  • Antifungal and antiviral for skin health
  • Promotes faster wound healing and tissue rebuilding
  • Helps with mild to moderate sleep disturbances


Tea Tree

Australian tea tree is also known as a paperbark tree, and you can see why. This essential oil is used in so many things, from cleaners to natural athlete's feet remedies and lice treatments. It has a clean scent that repels insects. 

  • Antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic to fight germs and help heal wounds
  • Fights acne and soothes inflammation
  • Can soothe psoriasis with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Repels insects naturally with better results than DEET



Cooks love rosemary, and so do natural healers! This versatile plant has very fragrant needles that have a woodsy aroma. Rosemary essential oil is invigorating and energizing. 

  • Brain boosting with a compound that helps with thinking, concentration and memory
  • Stress relieving – has been shown to reduce test anxiety
  • Improves circulation by expanding blood vessels
  • Helps to combat fatigue and keep you mentally refreshed



Peppermint has an unmistakable scent and cooling properties. This essential oil is a great addition to your medicine cabinet. Just a few drops of this refreshing scent can calm the nerves or an upset stomach.

  • Fights headaches and reduces stress
  • Soothes joint pain and muscle fatigue
  • Improves mental function
  • Reduces chronic itching on skin



A must-have for cold and flu season, eucalyptus is another incredible essential oil. Its strong scent can help clear the lungs for better breathing or help soothe a stress headache.

  • Boosts immune function especially against symptoms of cold, flu, and sinus issues
  • Alleviates symptoms of headaches
  • Combats stress and calms anxiety
  • Soothes sore muscles and joint pain

Essential oils have been used for centuries, and scientists have begun to catch on to just how useful these plant compounds are. We have seen how much they can help, and that's why we have a line of essential oil scented goat milk soaps. Because of the refreshing scents and the therapeutic properties we have chosen to use them in our goat milk soap.

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