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Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from Southern Natural Soap! We have so much to be thankful for this year. Gratitude is an everyday practice that can change your outlook, making you more joyful and compassionate. We want to take a moment to look at just a few things we're thankful for.


Every moment is precious. Like many other families, we've had some scary moments over the past few years. We're grateful for every day we wake up and live life.




Southern Natural is a small town, family-owned business. We've all got our part to play, and being able to work together has helped us grow closer. 

Southern Natural Soap

Our New Workshop

This year, we put the finishing touches on our shop. This has been a big move forward for Southern Natural. It has helped tremendously to have one dedicated workspace for soapmaking. We've even got a nursery for the grandbabies, too!

Inside the Southern Natural soap shop

Our Customers & Community

That's right, you're on the list of our blessings every year! You've been amazingly supportive throughout the years as our business has grown and changed. You mean so much to us.

Thank you

Goat's Milk Soap

The heart and soul of our business - goat's milk soap! We wouldn't be here today without it. Healthy, nourishing, and gentle goat's milk soap has been the answer to so many prayers. What started out as a solution to ongoing skin problems is now the center of a vibrant business that supports our family and brings relief and joy to so many of you. We're all grateful for its role in our life.


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