Our soap saver sock will stretch your bar of soap further than you could imagine.

Stretch Your Soap Suds!

Soap Saver Socks extend the life of your bar of soap.


Make the Most of Your Bar of Soap! 

A gloppy, gooey mess of soap is disappointing, not to mention wasteful! Luckily, a little bit of attention to detail will go a long way to extending the life of your bar of soap. At Southern Natural, we help by curing each bar of soap for at least 6-8 weeks before selling it to you. This results in harder and longer-lasting bars of soap.

Enjoy our list of easy tricks to keep your bar of soap from melting away too soon: 

  1. Don’t let soap sit in water. Soap will melt and glue itself to the tub if you leave it in a pool of water. Soap dishes with plenty of holes drain off excess water and allow airflow. 
  2. Allow it to dry between uses. Soap that is constantly reused gets soft and is used up quickly. One bar of soap for the whole family might not last very long. Consider giving each person a separate bar of soap to make the most of your budget in the long run. Plus, everyone can pick their favorite scent! 
  3. Don’t rub soap directly on your skin. Use a soap saver sock, washcloth, scrubby, or loofah instead. Directly lathering up your skin moistens too much of the soap and allows it to soften and melt away. This tip is more for the shower, by the way. Both your kitchen soap and bathroom soaps are usually only rubbed onto your skin for as long as it takes to get a good lather, which limits waste.
  4. Take cooler showers. Hot water doesn't lather your soap as well, plus it softens your soap more than cool water does.
  5. Cut it into pieces. Smaller surface area to lather up means less waste. The smaller bars can dry quickly so that they last longer.
  6. Slip it into a soap saver sockOur soap saver socks help you get the most out of those last little bits of slivers or pieces of soap. Enjoy gentle exfoliation as a bonus!
  7. Turn it into liquid or foaming soap. There are fun DIY videos and articles on the web that can teach you how to turn your odds and ends into liquid soap. Many of our customers report this is their favorite trick for keeping their sinks clean and extending the life of their hand soap.

Pretty easy, don’t you think? Plus, it’s so satisfying to know you’re getting the most use and value out of a purchase. Take the tips you like and put them to good use. We hope they will give you a chance to get even more enjoyment out of every bar of Southern Natural Soap.

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