Stay in the Know: Follow Southern Natural on Social Media

Stay in the Know: Follow Southern Natural on Social Media

One of the exciting things about having an online business in 2024 is the ability to connect with our customers on a personal level. Have you checked out our latest social media updates? We're thrilled to share more of our world with you! We're especially excited to share our two newest ways to connect: TikTok and Pinterest!  You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 


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Why Follow Southern Natural on Social Media? 5 Great Reasons

Exclusive Contests: If you haven't been in the loop, you've been missing out! We're currently wrapping up a contest that we ran on Instagram and Facebook to celebrate Valentine's Day. We also occasionally make special announcements on social media that you won't see anywhere else. 

Get to Know Us: It can be a bit daunting to put ourselves out there for everyone to see, but we're doing it anyway! In today's world, it's unusual to see the faces of the people who make the items you buy. If you follow us on our channel, you'll get to know exactly who we are, what our values are, and how much we care about providing you and your family with natural, healthy skin care. 

Behind-the-Scenes Content: If you've ever been curious about Southern Natural, you'll love videos like this one! You'll get sneak peeks into our daily workflow and find out more about how we make our goat's milk soaps and goat's milk lotions. 


Connect with Us: It's so gratifying to hear your testimonials and see how our products are making a difference.  We value each review and bit of feedback you give us, because they help us to do a better job meeting your needs. Here's an example of one piece of feedback that made our day: 

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you from the bottom of my momma heart for your product. My son had terrible eczema. I tried everything under the sun to calm it or cure it or whatever. Nothing helped. I came across your soaps and ordered them out of desperation. He hasn’t had a break out since. Please never stop what you do!" - Brook H. 

Thank you note from a happy mom


Support Our Business: When you comment on our content and share our posts, you boost the visibility of our company. Word of mouth is so important to small, locally-owned family businesses like ours, so we appreciate it when you tell others about us. Your friends will be grateful to know there's a local company that makes high-quality soaps that you believe in, too! 

Join us on social media! We'd love to connect with you further. If you are ready to explore our collection of natural soaps, lotions, and more, click below to start shopping! 

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