goat milk soap

Spring Is Here!

— Baby Goats and New Life —

One of the joys of spring is all of the new life and activity after the cold months. It's a time of renewal and new beginnings! Birds are nesting and laying eggs, new plants are waking up, and goats are having their kids. 

 If you've never seen newly born goat kids in person, you should find a way to change that. Go to a petting zoo, do some goat yoga, or even watch a YouTube video. Watching these brand new babies is so much fun! They're bouncy and curious, and will hop on anything.  A kid is full of life and personality. There's a lot to learn from their simple innocence. 


Kidding season is the reason we have goat's milk, too! This wholesome milk is the foundation for our natural soaps. It's important to us that we bring you premium quality products that are as gentle and nourishing to your skin as Mama Goat's milk is to her kids.  We take that commitment seriously, and constantly work to live up to a high standard.


Thank you for your business. 
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