Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewal - and that doesn't just include the garden and the outdoors! Our living and workspaces can use a little fresh air and sprucing up, too. But people with sensitive skin often have allergies. Keeping a clean environment is especially important in that case, but it can also present some challenges. Why not try a gentler, more natural approach to your spring cleaning - for the whole family? 

A Breath of Fresh Air

Fresh air and sunshine are powerful disinfectants! Airing out your rugs, opening the windows, and letting the sun help kill dust mites and other germs is a cheap, all-natural way to clean. If you have a clothesline, use it! If you have allergies, make sure to do this on a low pollen day.

Natural Cleansers

Cleaners often have detergents and harsh chemicals that can cause rashes and breakouts - just like you can get from using conventional soaps. Taking a natural approach to your cleaning supplies can help. Many environmentally friendly products do an excellent job cutting through grime and dirt. DIY recipes can be inexpensive and quite effective, too. These are easy to find with a simple internet search. Take a cue from nature and use herbal, floral, or citrus essential oils or extracts to add a fresh scent to your home or space.

Skin Savers

Protect your skin by wearing gloves and keeping your skin nourished, no matter what cleaners you use. Even simple hot water can be enough to strip your skin of its natural oils. Using a natural soap for your skin like Southern Natural can help to nourish and protect.

A Family Project

Get the whole family involved. Teaching kids to help does mean more work for the grownups when they're still little, but stick to it. The payoffs are enormous. Chores teach the little ones vital skills like organization and problem-solving. As they get older, many hands will help to lighten the load. We see this in action every day at the Southern Natural shop.


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