Reasons to Switch to Natural Lip Balm

Reasons to Switch to Natural Lip Balm

This time of year can be tough on your skin, especially for your lips. Your lips are covered with a special type of skin, and it's the thinnest on your body. This skin doesn't have any oil glands, so it can't self-moisturize. That's why it's so easy for your lips to get chapped if you don't take care of them. Your lips also have more nerve endings, which means you will definitely feel it if you neglect your lips.  

Lip balm is an easy way to prevent chapping, peeling, and cracking. You want to choose a good quality lip balm to moisturize and nourish your lips so that they'll stay soft and supple. Choosing a natural lip balm is your best bet. Let's look at some reasons why.

5 Reasons to Use Natural Lip Balm

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1. Natural lip balm is safe to use on your skin. Chemicals can enter the body through the skin, and especially the thin skin of your lips. Many lip balms on the market are made of unsafe, toxic, or even carcinogenic ingredients. Limit your exposure to harmful ingredients by choosing lip balm made from things that won't harm you.

2. Natural lip balm is safe to eat. Anything you put on your lips should be non-toxic and safe to touch, and it also should be safe to eat. The average woman consumes between 4-9 pounds of lip products in a lifetime. Do you really want to be accidentally consuming petroleum products, parabens, mineral oil, or dyes?

3. Natural lip balm is moisturizing. Once you find the right natural lip balm, you'll be amazed at how much better your lips feel. The hydrating oils glide on and start to work immediately. Rough, dried out skin is gently softened and moisturized, giving you relief and making it so much easier to smile.

4. Natural lip balm protects your lips. Our lips are exposed to harsh wind, dry air from heating and cooling systems, the sun, and other harsh conditions. A good natural lip balm creates a breathable barrier that allows the softening and moisturizing ingredients to penetrate while protecting lips from environmental damage. 

5. Natural lip balm is nourishing. Natural products also contain different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients provide deep conditioning and encourage your body's natural healing process. All of this adds up to healthier lips! 

6. Natural lip balm is better for the environment. The process of obtaining and manufacturing synthetic ingredients also can cause harm to the earth. Natural ingredients typically have far less impact on the planet. Keeping it simple really is the best policy.


    What's in Southern Natural lip balm?

    We're proud of our lip balm formula. It feels so soft and silky smooth when you apply it. Your lips will feel better and softer the more consistently you use it. We've chosen the best ingredients to hydrate, nourish, and soften your lips safely and naturally. 

    • Sunflower Oil is a naturally moisturizing plant based oil. It softens the skin and creates a barrier against environmental stressors. 
    • Shea Butter is rich in fatty acids and vitamins that help to both moisturize and nourish the skin. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe damaged skin. 
    • Cocoa Butter smooths skin, combats aging, and rich in plant compounds that may improve blood flow to the skin and protect against damage.
    • Beeswax is a natural humectant, which means it helps to attract and retain moisture. The wax esters in beeswax pull in water from the air and draw it into your skin. Beeswax is also rich in Vitamin A from honey, which can help fight free radicals and fight aging.

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