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Protecting Your Skin from the Cold

Have you turned on your heater yet? It’s the question everyone is asking here in Alabama. The temperatures dipped into the 30s this week, so many of us have finally given in and switched our central air units over from cooling mode to heat. Whenever the weather changes, your skin can take some time to adjust to the new conditions. Let’s look at some things you can do to help protect your skin and keep it smooth and supple, even during times of transition.

Dress for the Weather

What you wear can make all the difference in protecting your skin from the outdoor elements and dry indoor air that can strip your skin of moisture. Layers also help you to keep your body temperature regulated, no matter what the temperature. Choose soft, comfortable fabrics for anything that touches your skin, and leave the scratchy wool as an outer layer.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Nurture your skin from the inside out by taking good care of your body. When you’re eating, choose healthy, whole foods with plenty of nutrients. Take a hike and enjoy the autumn colors, too! Exercise brings blood flow and nutrients to the skin’s surface, making you radiate health and beauty. On the other hand, alcohol and tobacco use dry out and age your skin prematurely. It pays to make healthier choices!

Avoid Long Hot Showers

During the winter months, it can be very tempting to climb into the shower and just run the hot water. However, those long showers can strip your skin’s natural oils, leading to itchy, dry skin. It’s better to dial back the heat just a bit and only stay in the shower long enough to get clean.


Use Natural, Hydrating Soaps

Being clean and germ free is important, and it’s also important to choose your cleansers wisely! Commercial soaps often have harsh detergents and alcohol-based hand sanitizers dry your skin out, which can make your winter skin woes even worse. All natural goat’s milk soap is a better choice. It’s filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nourish and protect your skin. The natural fats and proteins present in goat’s milk and plant-based oils hydrate and moisturize without stripping your skin.

Don't Forget Moisturizers, and Lip Balm

Keep your skin protected from harsh wind, cold, and the sun to prevent dry, flaky, irritated skin. Lip balms and moisturizers work on two levels: they add extra hydration to soften and smooth skin, and they also form a protective layer to shield your skin from anything that might damage it.

The change in weather can be a challenge, but your skin will adjust nicely as long as you make wise choices and protect yourself. Southern Natural products can be a foundation for a healthy skincare routine that helps your skin to glow, even during cold weather.


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