Natural Skincare vs. Petroleum Based Products

Natural Skincare vs. Petroleum Based Products

When you're deciding on soap, lotions, and other skincare products it can be confusing to sort through your options. Did you know many skincare products, especially lotion, are petroleum based? Yes, the very petroleum used in plastics and as fuel is a common ingredient in skincare. If you're questioning the wisdom of this, you're not alone.

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Wholesome Ingredients

Ingredients matter immensely in skincare. Goat's milk, a key component in Southern Natural products, is incredibly nourishing. It's packed with Vitamin A, essential for healthy skin, and lactic acid, which provides natural exfoliation. This keeps your skin smooth and soft. It's also gentle enough for everyday care.

In stark contrast, a multitude of modern skincare options rely on petroleum derivatives. These ingredients, like mineral oil, petroleum jelly, petrolatum, or paraffin, are derived from the same crude oil used in industry. They form a temporary moisture barrier on the skin. While this might initially seem to make your skin feel smoother, it often leads to a dependency, rather than improving skin health in the long term.

True Nourishment vs. Surface-Level Care

Southern Natural harnesses the power of goat's milk, brimming with proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals that genuinely nourish and hydrate your skin. These natural elements keep your skin supple and moisturized without irritation.

On the other hand, petroleum-based products focus on providing surface-level moisture. This creates a barrier that feels hydrating at first but doesn't provide deep nourishment. This superficial approach can eventually result in skin dryness and imbalance.

Nourishing & Natural Skincare

There's peace of mind in knowing exactly what you're putting on your skin. Southern Natural emphasizes clean, natural ingredients. We're deeply committed to providing products that are kind to all skin types, especially the more sensitive ones. Goat's milk soaps have been a revelation for many struggling with inflammation and irritation, fostering natural healing and a soft, healthy skin texture.

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Petroleum-based products often contain synthetic additives for shelf life or texture, chosen for cost-effectiveness rather than skin health. These artificial components can upset the skin's natural balance, leading to irritation, breakouts, rashes, and more. 

The Big Picture

Limiting petroleum-based products is also a planet-friendly decision. Opting for goat's milk is opting for skincare with a conscience, derived from natural ingredients that you can feel good about using for yourself and your loved ones.

When stacking up the benefits, all-natural goat's milk soaps and lotions come out on top. With genuine care, deep nourishment, and an eco-conscious approach, products like those from Southern Natural offer a holistic skincare solution. It might be time to rethink that petroleum-based product on your shelf.



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