How Southern Natural Began

How Southern Natural Began

— My Own Struggles with Sensitive Skin —



Hello!  I’m Jeri Anne Huffstutler, owner of Southern Natural.  I was born in Idaho, but I’ve lived in Alabama for over 24 years.  Southern Natural is a family-owned business that began when I needed a solution to my own sensitive skin struggles.

For years, I suffered with terrible itchy rashes.  My hands were the worst and my fingers would often crack, my skin was so dry.  It was hard to do normal things like bathe my babies or do dishes.  It was miserable!  After 10 years of suffering, I took medicine to control the itching.  A few years later I discovered goat's milk soap.  My skin improved dramatically, and I was able to come off the medication.  

Goat’s milk soap made such a difference in my life that I decided to make it and share it with others.  My hope is to help those who are suffering needlessly because of harsh detergent soaps.  I use high-quality ingredients, including food grade vegetable oils and butters, pure grade essential oils, fragrance oils, and goat’s milk, of course!  My soaps do not contain any artificial colors, dyes, or preservatives.  Southern Natural soaps never have any petroleum-based ingredients or harsh chemicals.

Thank you for being a part of the Southern Natural story.  You're important to us!

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