How Is Goat Milk Soap Made?

How Is Goat Milk Soap Made?

At Southern Natural, our goat's milk soap is made from scratch from high-quality ingredients using the "cold process" method. This time-honored traditional soapmaking process helps us create a bar of soap that will nurture your skin with every use.

Quality Ingredients

Pouring cold processed goat's milk soap

Our soaps are made with food-grade plant oils and butters, including sustainably harvested palm oil paired with the most important ingredient, goat’s milk, which is full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are beneficial for your skin. 

Most of our soaps have the same basic recipe, using different essential oils or fragrances to add scent and other benefits. Our two unique recipes are Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal, with its purifying formula for troubled skin, and Castile soap, which is an extra gentle olive oil-based soap that is safe for the most sensitive skin.

Cold Process Soap Making

We use the cold process to make our soap instead of relying on heat to speed up the chemical reaction. This preserves the integrity and benefits of our ingredients. Cold process soap making is a tried and true, traditional method of soap making. We mix the oils and fats with a solution of lye (sodium hydroxide) and liquid, resulting in a chemical reaction called saponification. We also add custom fragrances and essential oils to the soap batter. After that, we let the soap sit for a while.

Curing Goat's Milk Soap

During the curing period, the chemical reaction finishes, completely neutralizing all of the lye so that no trace remains. The excess water evaporates and the soap hardens with time. We cure our soap for 6-8 weeks, a bit longer than some other soap makers. This way, each bar meets our high standards for quality and mildness. 

Worth the Wait

This long curing process produces a consistently hard bar of soap that lathers well and lasts a long time, even in the shower. Our natural goat's milk soap is exceptionally gentle and hydrating for dry, sensitive skin. It's specially helpful for struggling with rashes, eczema, or allergies. From start to finish, we've put a lot of thought and care into our soapmaking to create the best bar of soap possible to cleanse and nurture your skin. 

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