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Health Benefits of Bath Salts

Are you looking for more reasons to enjoy bathing? Many people are eschewing bathing these days in favor of the much quicker shower, either because they lead busy lives or because they believe showering uses less water (which is only true if you keep your shower time under ten minutes). However, there are still many real benefits to bathing, especially when you add bath salts to your soak! 

At Southern Natural, we’re proud to offer a line of dead sea bath salts for your relaxation and nourishment of your body. That’s right — bath salts provide your body far more benefits than simply increasing the relaxation you get from the hot soak you deserve. If you’re looking for reasons to give yourself permission to enjoy that nice, long bath you’ve been craving, read on to learn about all the good bath salts do for your body, and check out the Southern Natural bath salt collection today. 

What Are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are concentrations of salt and other minerals that occur naturally in the world’s oceans and in our own bodies. It’s no wonder that bath salts have long been associated with luxury— soaking in warm water and bath salt has long been used as a way to soothe muscle and joint pain, hydrate the skin, and detoxify the body, and these days we have the science to back up the legitimacy of bath salts’ benefits. Our Dead Sea bath salts contain minerals and nutrients your body craves to heal, relax, and rejuvenate itself. 

Soothe Joint And Muscle Pain

Soaking in a hot bath with added bath salts has been shown to be an effective way to treat and ease the symptoms of many forms of muscle and joint pain, including more serious conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Bath salts are often rich in magnesium, which can help reduce muscle spasms and cramps, as well as help reduce inflammation. 

Hydrate Your Skin

Bath salts are very good for your skin, and bathing even just once a week in bath salts has been shown to increase the barrier function of skin, improve skin hydration, and reduce inflammation. You’ll note that a lot of bath salt’s benefits feed into each other, due to bath salt’s healing properties. The inflammation-reducing properties of bath salts are particularly beneficial for people with skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, as the salts can soothe their skin and ease their symptoms. 

Decrease Stress

 Soaking In a hot bath with added bath salts is relaxing on multiple levels. In addition to soothing muscle and joint pain and easing painful skin conditions, bath salts can also help you increase the circulation in your body, which further benefits and relaxes your body’s other internal systems. In plain terms, bath salts help your body’s various internal systems find their rhythm together, which in turn can ease any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. 

Ease Insomnia

The relaxation you feel as bath salts help your body get better in tune with itself doesn’t end at the physical level. Bath salts can also help ease insomnia by encouraging your body to fall into a more consistent sleep pattern. Given that most studies estimate that anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of Americans suffer from some level of insomnia, bath salts are something most people can stand to benefit from. 

Detoxify Your Body With Dead Sea Bath Salt Therapy From Southern Natural

Ultimately, the mix of naturally-occurring salts and minerals in bath salts contain a unique blend of properties that help your body detoxify, rejuvenate itself, and get your inner bodily systems working in closer harmony with one another. There’s a reason many people feel a deeper sense of relaxation when bathing with bath salts — their bodies are receiving a deep level of nourishment. In fact, bath salts have even been shown to increase your body’s immune system function and balance the levels of acids and alkaline within your system.

Don’t miss out on these benefits for yourself! Browse Southern Natural’s collection of Dead Sea Bath Salts and select the perfect blend for your next relaxing, healing soak. Total-body rejuvenation is no longer a luxury. Treat yourself to the nourishment you deserve at an affordable price today!

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