Happy Goats Make Happy Goat's Milk Soap

Happy Goats Make Happy Goat's Milk Soap


At Southern Natural, we've known from the beginning that happy goats make happy soap. Not so long ago, we made our goat milk soaps from milk from goats we reared on our own farm. We no longer have our own goats to provide the milk for natural skincare products, but we remember those days fondly. The memories and lessons will stay with our family for a lifetime.

Happy Memories of Our Goats

We've added a few photos of our goats and happy memories from the days when we raised our own goats. Our family and business have both grown and matured a lot since then. Looking back at how far we've come, it's easy to feel thankful and focus on what matters most.

Goat kids

Spring Kidding Season

Springtime is a busy time when you're rearing goats, but it's also a lot of fun! New life is cropping up everywhere. Goat kids are always adorable and energetic - bouncing around, exploring, making friends, and learning to enjoy their new life. If you're ever in a bad mood, try watching some videos of goat kids. They'll remind you what a joy it is to be alive! 

 goat kids


Caring for Goats

We worked hard to take care of our goats. You can't take a break from feeding, caring for, or milking goats just because you don't feel like it. Families work together to support each other, but the results are rewarding. We owe a lot of gratitude to mama goats. Thanks to them, our handmade goat's milk soap is nourishing and gentle. 

Goat's milk


The Benefits of Goat's Milk in Soap

Goat milk has been the key ingredient in our cold-processed soaps since the beginning, and we recently developed a line of natural goat's milk lotions, too. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein, goat's milk is the foundation of our homemade soaps that are gentle, moisturizing, and beneficial for all skin types. 

Goat's milk soap


All Natural Skincare

Today, our range includes goat's milk soaps, goat's milk lotions, Dead Sea bath salts, all-natural lip balms, bath accessories, and skincare gift sets. We've strengthened our commitment to using natural ingredients and providing skincare that our customers can feel great about using. Discover our range of all-natural goat milk soaps and skincare products for yourself. 


Goat's Milk Skincare

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