Celebrate Mother with Goat's Milk Soap!

Celebrate Mother with Goat's Milk Soap!

Mother's Day Gift


Mothers are the guardians of our hearts. They raise us with love, support, and sacrifice. Their tireless efforts, unwavering dedication, and selfless love make them the most precious gift we could ever have. Mother's Day is an occasion to celebrate these wonderful beings and express our gratitude for everything they do. We can let them know that we see them, and that they make a huge difference in our lives.

Mother's Day Sale: Buy 10 Bars, Get 2 Free 

From Tuesday, April 25th to Sunday, May 7th, all of our goat's milk soaps are Buy 10, Get 2 Free. Pair this special with our everyday free shipping offer on all orders of $56 or more for the best savings. 

For this year's Mother's Day deal, we've decided to make it a lot easier to shop for Mom. We want to make sure your order gets there in time for her special day. We suggest you shop now, before time runs out.

Picking Out the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

When you're looking for a gift for someone special, you want to make sure the gift fits the occasion and the person. Mother's Day represents care and nurturing. Consider your mom's unique personality when shopping. What does she need? What does she like? What does she value? That's why goat's milk soap is a great Mother's Day gift! It fits the occasion - showing mom that you care about her and appreciate the care she gives you. Plus, it's a gift she'll actually use. 

Take Care of Mom with Goat's Milk Soap

Our luxurious and gentle soaps and products pamper skin without stripping it of its natural moisture barrier. They are all natural, made from ingredients that won't irritate skin. Our recipe is hydrating and full of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that nourish skin. Choose a scent that she'll enjoy smelling anytime she uses it. It will be a loving reminder that she deserves nurturing and care, too! 

A Special Gift She'll Love

Besides being all-natural, our soaps are also handmade by us. We're a small-town, family owned company that values people and being a positive part of our local community in small town Alabama. In fact, Southern Natural's story is really that of one mom's journey to support her family. You can't get much more Mom-friendly than that! 

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