Essential Bath Accessories: Soap Saver Socks & Wooden Soap Dishes

Essential Bath Accessories: Soap Saver Socks & Wooden Soap Dishes

At Southern Natural, we believe you deserve the very best in skincare. That includes our gentle goat’s milk soap, natural lip balm, Dead Sea bath salts, and now our goat’s milk lotion! We also sell two essential bath accessories: soap saver socks and wooden soap dishes. These items are simple tools that can help you save money and elevate your bath experience. 

Soap saver sock

Mesh Soap Saver Socks

A soap saver sock is a real treat that can make your shower more enjoyable, and it's also quite useful. Each person in your house will enjoy having a soap saver sock of their own for their favorite bar of soap. 

Extend the life of your soap. Our soap saver socks are the perfect size for our 4-ounce bars of soap. If you have slivers or bars of soap that have become too small and soft to handle, don't throw them away or try to press them onto your next bar. The sock lets you put those soap remnants inside and continue using every bar until it's completely used up, reducing waste and saving you money.

Build up a rich lather. Slip a bar of our all-natural goat’s milk soap inside your sock and rub it against your skin to work up a good lather that feels wonderful against your skin.

Gently exfoliate your skin. The mesh texture of our soap saver socks provides just a little extra exfoliation when rubbed against the skin, removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh new skin underneath. You'll enjoy your shower and the feel of your soft, smooth skin.

When you finish bathing or showering, give the sock a quick rinse before you hang it up to dry. The breathable mesh maximizes airflow so the sock and soap can dry more thoroughly between uses. 

Wooden Soap Dishes

We recommend you have at least one wooden soap dish for every sink in your home. They are attractive and practical tools that help you get the most out of every bar of soap.

Make your soap last longer. Like our soap saver sock, our wooden soap dish is breathable for more airflow. The design allows excess water to drain off your soap between uses, which means each bar will stay harder and last longer.

Add some natural beauty to your home. Our soap dish is made of natural, environmentally friendly wood. The beautiful accessory adds an earthy, spa-like feel to your home with its natural look and minimalist design. 

Minimize mess. A wooden soap dish also means easier sink cleanup. Wet, soft soap can stick to your sink and make a wasteful and unsightly mess that can build up.

To extend the life of your soap dish and minimize cleanup, you can buy our soap dishes in pairs. Alternate soap dishes every time you use a new bar to let the soap dish fully dry. Clean your soap dish by scrubbing it with a brush and water, adding in white vinegar for extra disinfection if there is significant soap buildup. Let the soap dish dry fully before you rotate it back into use.

Our mesh soap saver socks and wooden soap dishes are simple, inexpensive items that are also everyday luxuries. They even reduce waste and save money! The next time you buy soap, treat yourself to these simple bath accessories and see for yourself what a difference they make in your daily personal care routine. 


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