7 Reasons to Shop Local

7 Reasons to Shop Local

Keeping your purchases local is a great idea, even if you’re shopping online. When you do a search for “goat milk soap near me” and choose someone in your region, you’re doing a small thing that can make a big difference.

Let’s look at some reasons why shopping local matters:

1. You Matter More

You’re more than just another transaction to the owners and workers of a small business. You’re a part of our success! Small businesses generally offer better quality goods and more personal customer service, because we care more.

2. Support Small Business

Local businesses are much more likely to be small, family owned businesses like Southern Natural. By spending your money with us instead of a big corporate entity, you’re spending money where it matters most.


3. Know Who You're Buying From

At Southern Natural, we’re proud to let you know what’s going on with our business. We’re very open and honest about how things are going and who we are. You can easily see our values, our commitment to family, and our desire to do what’s right for the community. That personal connection matters.

4. Community Investment

When you shop from locally owned businesses, you’re strengthening your local economy. In addition to the business you shop with, you’re also supporting all of the local businesses, service providers, farms, and others that the local business uses. A big national or international business is much less likely to spend money in your region.

5. Add Local Jobs

When you add all the jobs up, small local businesses are the biggest employers in the United States. Shopping local provides local jobs – keeping your dollars local.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Shipping from far away also means your product had to travel somehow. Although soap is a small package, it does require fuel to ship it from a long way away. Keeping your purchases local whenever you can cuts down your carbon footprint, and every little bit adds up.


7. Faster Delivery

The last few years, shipping has been pretty unpredictable. From possible strikes by workers, to supply chain disruptions, to backed up postal services, things have been a mess. The farther your package has to travel, the more problems can occur. Keeping it local cuts down on that.

We are proud to be here in Alabama, bringing all natural soaps and skincare products to the Southeastern United states. When you shop locally, you are doing some real good for people in your neighborhood, state, or region. Thank you for shopping with us and with every local business you choose to support! 


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